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  • Wes

    eCommerce Sales Manager
    Robert Welch

    Our continued use of ROCKET DC is down to the personable, professional and consistent level of service that they offer. They provide advice and insight that allows us to make our own informed decisions when it comes to our direct mail marketing campaigns. Since working with ROCKETDC we've seen costs fall and ROIs rise.

  • Matt

    D S Print Services

    Rocket DC’s level of professionalism in handling mailings and print is second to none. They communicate at every stage of the process so that deadlines can be met and any issues resolved, so there is a real level of trust between us. Their service is very reasonably priced considering the level of service they provide. They’re spot on with everything.

  • Angelique

    Head of Print and Mail

    Nothing is too much trouble for Steve and the team at Rocket DC. Their expertise in running mailing campaigns smoothly and efficiently is considerable and their in-depth knowledge has saved our clients money and averted potential problems. They are friendly, approachable and a pleasure to work with, always keeping us in the loop.

  • Pippa

    Head of Operations
    Children with Cancer

    As a charity it’s important to us and our supporters that we get good value for money, and Rocket DC provides this. Our fundraising teams have worked with them for years on various projects and campaigns. They have carried out fulfillment work for us, and stored and supplied goods needed for our running events and are very reliable. They provide an excellent, very professional service.



    Direct Mail is mail which usually consists of information, advertising materials, appeals for donations or similar which is sent simultaneously to multiple possible (and actual) individual customers, members or contributors…



    Within the direct mail industry this is known as enclosing or inserting but let’s not kid ourselves essentially it is envelope stuffing. This can be done by machine or by hand. Rule of thumb is that the simpler mailings with a…



    We’ve all received these mailing pieces, but did we know that ‘Lumpy Mail’ is the term that is used for them? One example is the KitKat bar and tea bag enclosed with a letter and brochure suggesting you…


  • Postage Discounts

    The really big surprise to lots of people who are new to the benefits of outsourcing mailings is this. Subject to mail volumes & data quality there are postage discounts available. This alone can be the reason that…


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